Dave’s Bipolar Hilarity and Chaos

Bipolar Hilarity & Chaos

Bipolar Hilarity & Chaos

An existential bipolar stoic who likes diet Pepsi.

Universes come and universes go. A steady cacophony of Big Bangs. Vast circles. Tiny circles. I have not been anywhere I had not been before. Most lives start with birth, mine with her. She was the gravity that had the tug on me, always nudged me back into orbit. If the moon left it’s orbit, it would fly off into the coldness of space, never to return. Every urge to drift off corrected by her. She was his star. All my life’s indeed a circular path and I must travel through many dark miles before the light creeps back in. She is my light. No matter how far the drift, I can’t help but complete the circle, back to her. Shall will give it another whirl? Do we have a choice? Nothing escapes gravity. Not even me.

My Autistic Grandson

He is just amazing. He’s “high functioning” to say the least. It definitely isn’t  a handicap for him. I got him interested in astronomy when he was 3.5 years old and now that he’s five, we started  on geology.  He had gotten a book  at his school’s grade primairy book sale and it came with a littlke rock set.  Lucky for him  I have a basic understanding of geology soooooo..we’re off! Found him a few more samples today and when the weather warms,  we will go rock hounding at a near-by beach  which is one of the planet’s best source of fossils. Really! Oh the fun! But he’s special for more than his smarts. He is a noticably handsome little man. And a hugger. And best of all, he loves his Papa. That would be me.

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