The Journey Begins

My first blog … so have mercy. This blog is more for me than for you but feel free to jump in at any time. I fancy myself a bit of a science lover but an English major too. An existentialist/humanist/socialist but hate labels. I enjoy intelligent conversation. Glad to meet you. I hold George […]

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Miss Old Yeller

I sort of miss my 2008 Honda VTX 1300 which I sold two years ago. Lot of fun drives on that bike, most of them on Cape Breton Island where I was born and still love dearly. Just got to be too much shifting (shafy drive) around town and I didn’t want to go on […]

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My Autistic Grandson

  He is just amazing. He’s “high functioning” to say the least. It definitely isn’t  a handicap for him. I got him interested in astronomy when he was 3.5 years old and now that he’s five, we started  on geology.  He had gotten a book  at his school’s grade primairy book sale and it came […]

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Universes come and universes go. A steady cacophony of Big Bangs. Vast circles. Tiny circles. I have not been anywhere I had not been before. Most lives start with birth, mine with her. She was the gravity that had the tug on me, always nudged me back into orbit. If the moon left it’s orbit, […]

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Golden Oldie

Old. Depends where you are yourself. To me, pre 40 is “young”. I get a charge out of the term “middle life “. Who in the hell nows if you are halfway through or not? If you say I am old then I am old. Maybe that is a problem for plastic surgeons but it’s […]

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