Old School

Old. Depends where you are yourself. To me, pre 40 is “young”. I get a charge out of the term “middle life “. Who in the hell nows if you are halfway through or not?
If you say I am old then I am old. Maybe that is a problem for plastic surgeons but it’s not a problem to me.
Many old people look back longingly at the past and lament, and lament the changes I don’t . Still waiting for that thing called wisdom to kick on. But it really is only perspective. When you are buried within a mileau, unless you are psy chic, that time determines from what perspective you see life. Your perspective. When you are older, your perspective should ( more on the “should” later) widen and mine has. One of my strengths is to see things from different perspectives
Having been a highschool teacher has allowed me the luxury of having both a young perspective and an old perspective and in forming broad ideas, this gives me a huge advantage.
Change always happens; you either embrace it or fight it. Unlike many old folks, I embrace it with conditions.