Miss Old Yeller

I sort of miss my 2008 Honda VTX 1300 which I sold two years ago. Lot of fun drives on that bike, most of them on Cape Breton Island where I was born and still love dearly. Just got to be too much shifting (shafy drive) around town and I didn’t want to go on any long drives so I bought a Vespa 150 cc. Best move I ever made. Automatic!! Jump on and drive. I just on ride on the local two lane and avoid the highway. I could take it on the highway because it will go up to 115 but that’s downhill with a tailwind. I take it easy on the little red beast. Lots of storage, and anyone could drive it so with my experience driving bigger motorcycles, I feel really comfortable. It just so works for me right now.

Driving a motorcycle can easily be considered a Zen moment. It is as close to flying as you can get while still on the ground. Unlike a car, you can have a 360 view of your surroundings, smell the smells better, and best of all, feel free. I guess it that’s sense of freedom that’s the kicker. You just don’t get the flutters in your stomach driving on four wheels like you do driving on two. Years ago I loved going for an evening ride into the sunset (corney, I know) but it was, and still is, magically. I can’t adequately describe how this feeling is sssooooo much better than moping around all depressed. Not for everyone but for me, it was the ticket out.

You know…..the open highway and all that. Although my highway has shortened, the magic remains. I certainly know what was going through Pirsig’s mind when he rode the open road. Even with a monkey on his back. I also know the manic side of go, go, go, no time for resting. Want that bike riding drug feeling again. Wind in the face feel like you are being caressed by Mother Earth. Bazinga! (only because it’d Sheldon’s last year).