Sleazy programmers

Are the there two “m”s in “programmers” ?

One of my many Internet pet peeves is moveable text to web sites. You k ot the type: you move your cursor o er the I Don’t Want Your Bullshit button and as you click, that button moves down and out click on the Yes, I Will Send My Firstborn button. WTF ? What a sleazy bit of code and the tactic, like a cancer, seems to be spreading. Advertisers are at best a necessary evil but more likely a cash cow for The Company. Of course, I’m old and was on The Net in the late seventies. Text based only. No pictures or videos. And no fu#king advertising. I long for the good old days

No, that’s a lie. I really do appreciate the explosion of music, videos pictures o the Net. And the sharing of knowledge is mind blowing. But I fear it is being strangled by those sleazy programmers contracted out to the highest bidder.



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