My Autistic Grandson


He is just amazing. He’s “high functioning” to say the least. It definitely isn’t  a handicap for him. I got him interested in astronomy when he was 3.5 years old and now that he’s five, we started  on geology.  He had gotten a book  at his school’s grade primairy book sale and it came with a littlke rock set.  Lucky for him  I have a basic understanding of geology soooooo..we’re off! Found him a few more samples today and when the weather warms,  we will go rock hounding at a near-by beach  which is one of the planet’s best source of fossils. Really! Oh the fun! But he’s special for more than his smarts. He is a noticably handsome little man. And a hugger. And best of all, he loves his Papa. That would be me.