‎Pirsig’s Metaphysics of Quality

I took one philosophy course in university and it was a blur. Most of that first year was a blur. I understand most of the concepts Pirsig’s ideas but don’t share the jargon of that particular field. Science without Philosophy is incomplete while Philosophy without Science is complete. I’m not big on labels but I see their place in classification. But with ZAMM, I can “relate” to the author because he describes my reasoning I had before reading the book. It validated me. Combining the two fields gives a clearer picture of, of what? The mind? The Force? a god? Life? Today so much data is available that scientists get more and more tunnel vision, getting farther and farther from seeing the Big Picture. You know ……can’t see the forest for the trees. And this microscopic view is getting smaller as we begin to unravel quantum physics, a completely alien world to our normal way of thinking. The book really struck a cord with me. Have similar ideas to Pirsig is not so wild now that I know he was schizophrenic. I used to think of schizophrenics as the real crazies. Until I see all the similar symptoms I, being bipolar, share with him. Sort of helps me interpret him. That’s for me only. Im sure several hundred interpretations exist “out there”. But alas, all my give-a-fucks are all gone out to play.

Bonjour from Canada. Hope the shadows are not winning today and you are in the dark space. Come to the sunny side  Sunny here and I love it. But that’s all that’s good about. It is coldddd and super windy. How windy you ask. So fucking windy it blew my poor little scooter and the portable garage with it. Luckily, scoot was not damaged. maybe there is a god. Naahhhh.

Page 388 is especially poinent. It wraps up his feeling for present-day society. And it’s pretty grim and gray. And I do hate when that gray begins settling in. Reminds me of Scot Fitzgerald,s description of the industrial/powerless people’s desolate land. Don’t you love that word “desolate”? So descriptive in a gray way. And you just have to look around.

Just a little political shit ….. just a bit. I always had an interest in politics. Not having an interest caused the Great American Trump Circus. 

Are there no sidewalks in your area? power plant? warehouses, or derelict post-industrial shit? The you are poor. Don’t see that crap where we come from. No siree. Will keep those Unwashed at bay. Don’t hire them, don’t register them (only in US), and plain ol” Fuck You Losers. If I lived in US, ya think I would vote Republican? Maybe if I was comatose and had a little help. Hmmmm. No cars here. Let’s require a driver’s licence to vote. Keep these suckers at home on election day. Let’s put all the polls in affluent areas. Make em walk, bastards. Not to brag but ….. here in Canada if you are registered as a Canadian citizen you vote, If you have landed  immigrant status, you vote, might be another small group. Should know. Don’t. The concept of limiting the voters list to gain advantage affecting millions of voters is foreign to me. And sickening to me.

Sorry about that. Meant every word, but sorry anyway. Do all bps always over-apologise?