The Journey Begins

My first blog … so have mercy. This blog is more for me than for you but feel free to jump in at any time.cropped-fiery-sunset-iss_1big_nasa-1024x682

I fancy myself a bit of a science lover but an English major too. An existentialist/humanist/socialist but hate labels. I enjoy intelligent conversation.

Glad to meet you.
I hold George Carlin as my hero. He told like it is …….. no sugar coating or varnish…… just the bald truth. In that light, here are a few more “Bewares”

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts…..especially deliveries to the back door. Beware of proctologists with “piano fingers” and wearing three World Series rings.

Beware of $20 warranties on $25 products.

Beware of people with single-digit IQs.

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