Since I’m in the complaining  mood, here’s another gripe. I know you don’t want to read my gripe

but remember, it’s for me. So I try to get my government online account changed which itself makes you jump  through multiple hoops but that’s “normal” in today’s call center world even though they “value your calls”.

So, I find out they had my online banking stuff screwed up on both ends. So  anything the government sent me in the last three years went to some fucking other account. Part of my tax refund went south couple of years ago so I can kiss that goodbye.  Got it solved at the bank’s end. Tomorrow I’ll try the government again. Can’t do it today because I still steaming. Prisig was right…..what’s lacking in the world is Quality. So many people work at jobs they hate and never give it their all. Work all your life to pay your bills and when they are all paid, you die. WTF is wrong with that picture? Huh? Saw a great related meme showing a boss standing next to his green Lamborghini on a long stretch of beautiful Arizona road. His words to his staff: You work hard and keep your nose to the grindstone and….. I’ll be able to another one of these babies next year. Sums it up.